BMW 2010 E92 M3

BMW E92 M3

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The M3 changed modern motoring by offering a fully tuned version of your mother's 3 Series for the masses. It competed initially with Lancia Integrale and Audi Ur Quattro but soon was copied with the Merc CLK and others

The original E30 was left-hand drive only, the subsequent E36 remained a straight six but we feel that it is surpassed by the Audi S2 of the time is a far more unique proposition. 

The E46 that followed is probably now the most sought after, especially in the S54 engined CSL form, maybe now $150,000plus but those who know us know we would be a Z4M buyer all day over those.

Then the E92 was launched and it is notable for several very important reasons that in our minds virtually underwrite future collectability of this version - buy now as prices have bottomed or forever chase the market like a Boomer trying to buy his first 996.

  • The only V8 M3 ever produced
  • The last naturally aspirated M3
  • Last 3 door M3
BMW E92 M3 Sounds Like Screaming Thunder


This Example

This is a clean honest Australian delivered original example with extensive service records to provide the perfect version to own and collect - unmolested, no tunes, no wheels only one or two upgrades including more up to date BMW OEM infomat system (much better Bluetooth and music storage etc) and it does have a very noisy Borla exhaust but original exhaust will be available (not recommended).

The car has had the 2 most common areas of concern addressed being throttle body gears and main bearing. The other most common E92 issue is weeping from rocker covers - this has been resealed with new OEM gaskets but in reality, will need new rocker covers at some stage.

Otherwise, this is the one you have been looking for, right colour, right low mileage and only 2 real owners, driving amazing, Michelin pilot sport tyres.

We understand wholesale on the E92 is moving up at the moment and is above $50,000 so this car represents a great opportunity with a sensible reserve

Stamped Service history includes:
02/10 deliver service 2,624 (they change oil on all M cars at 2,000)

9/12 BMW Melbourne 31,926

8/13 BMW Melbourne 40,246

8/14 BMW Melbourne 46,236

8/15 BMW Doncaster 54,839

12/17 Prestige Point, Preston Vic 65,951

06/18 BMW Sth Yarra 70,596

Car moved ownership to Dr on Sunshine Coast

02/19 BMW Coastline Caloundra 83,800

09/19 BMW Coastline Caloundra 92,236

01/21 Specialist service 114,424

06/21 Specialist service 120,000

Recent BMW Brookvale did wheels sensors @ 125,000


Australian delivered

Early 2010 Compliance plate


2 keys


All books and services stamped


Sydney, NSW. Car is registered in Qld do Qld buyers will need to sort a roadworthy but all others car will be sold unregistered






Zero - intro offer - $1 joining fee to validate buyers only

Contact Seller



$50,000 plus

Range from $59,000 to $165,000

What The Experts Say:

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