About US


We don’t sell art, we don’t sell insurance, we don’t sell ordinary cars - we are modern classic enthusiasts, and our platform is dedicated to the search and auction of interesting modern classics

We are enthusiasts and encourage your feedback - admin@thecollectorgarage.com

We introduce sellers and buyers of modern classic vehicles for sale in an online auction format …. we are dedicated to improving garages everywhere and preserving and recycling

To the best of our abilities - we are seeking to serve both buyer and seller to achieve a fair, transparent and efficient sale. Especially we:

  1. Make every effort to weed out tyre kicking buyers by ensuring they lodge credit card details before bidding.
  2. Work with sellers to ensure they provide as fair an assessment of the vehicle condition and potential valuation as possible

We are also responding to the market and reducing auction fees, making a more transparent process to buy and sell and increasing the attention to detail on the cars presented via our platform - we share your passion for cars and that is first and foremost what motivates us to find and present interesting modern classic

We believe classic cars like there assets are becoming increasingly global in their pricing with arbitrage between markets driving all prices to a common level - that is why we are focused on offshore marketing of the vehicles as well as domestically, regionally and globally to capture the greatest pool of investors and best potential pricing for the vehicles marketed on The Collector Garage platform



We are committed to deliver auction services where both buyers and sellers get excellent outcomes and continue to build our community of car collectors in Australia and beyond