is an online auction platform, specialising only in modern classics offering enthusiasts a dedicated home to view interesting collectable cars and sellers a unique audience of like-minded car fans to showcase their vehicles supported by a platform solely focused on collectable cars.

We are Australian based and primarily Australian sellers but have a worldwide audience of potential buyers and marketing support.

BUY and SELL Securely Transaction proceeds are held in a secure “Safer Payment” escow account until both parties confirm completion. Unique to TheCollectorGarage



What is the cost to seller – LIST FOR FREE, only pay a success fee

Sellers list with us for free and receive the selling price less a 5% success fee upon completion of transaction. Photography services can be arranged for $250.

Does the car remain with the Vendor

Yes - the car remains with the Vendor while the auction is running

How do I know if you are interested in my offering?

Our site brings buyers and sellers of modern classic vehicles together - we specialise in 80’s, 90’s and 00’s but will look at other eras, plates and memorabilia so long as they are interesting, rare, sports or other specialist type of vehicle

If you have an interesting car with realistic price expectations, then we are likely to want to help – try us on admin@thecollectorgarage.com.au

What information do I need to provide to www.TheCollectorGarage?

Make, model, year, a brief description and then we will ask for more detailed information and photos and other media if we accept the listing

You will need to provide ID and proof of ownership and Bank details for Escrow settlement purposes and agree to Terms and Conditions ahead of listing.

How much detail do you need about the history, appearance, and mechanical condition of the auction lot?

We seek to achieve the best price for our vehicle by showcasing the car with as much information and additional commentary on the background and importance of the year, make and model - including press reviews of the time, current reviews advertisements and videos - building a story for the car is the value add we bring to your sale process - for free !

We aim to ensure our listings are accurate and as comprehensive as possible. For this reason, tell us as much as possible about the auction lot — even the less desirable parts of its history or appearance. Detail matters and we need as much information as possible please

We seek to have happy buyers and sellers and that happens when you provide as much information as possible and so there are no surprises with the description versus the actual vehicle - only the vendor is responsible for the description

Can I set a minimum selling price for the auction lot?

Sellers can request that the lot is auctioned with a reserve or minimum price the car can sell for. The value of any reserve is agreed in consultation with www.TheCollectorGarage team to ensure that it is realistic - we aim to have satisfied buyers and sellers and realistic pricing is part of that process

What happens once my auction lot is live?

Once an auction lot is open for bidding, any registered user can ask a question about it in the comments below each listing. Sellers should respond as soon as possible. Sellers should also encourage genuine buyers to inspect the vehicle which will help achieve the highest price possible from each individual buyer

If a seller withdraws a vehicle after placing on TheCollectorGarage site the vendor will be liable to pay TheCollectorGarage 5% of the agreed reserve price.

What happens if someone posts a negative comment about my auction lot?

Our moderators will allow people to add constructive opinions about an auction lot, but if you believe any comment is inaccurate, please contact us.

Do I need to make the auction lot available for viewings?

While some of our buyers will be willing to purchase an auction lot unseen, but others may request an inspection. We therefore ask that sellers make auction lots available for viewings whenever possible. all cars as are sold where is, as is.

Do I get to approve the auction listing before it goes live?

Every listing is presented to the seller for approval before it goes live. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the listing is an accurate description of the auction lot. The proposed start date for the auction will be discussed at this point.

Can I withdraw my lot?

Once you have submitted your auction lot to TheCollectorGarage and the auction has gone live in our ‘Coming Soon’ section, you cannot withdraw your car. If you do withdraw your car, you will be obliged and invoiced to pay the 5% Success Fee of the Reserve Price to TheCollectorGarage.

What happens at the end of the auction if the auction lot sells?

When an auction lot sells successfully on the platform, we will ensure buyer and seller are properly introduced and payment will be arranged via a third-party Escrow Payment provider

  1. The buyer pays the final winning bid price in full into Escrow account
  2. When those funds are cleared – we inform the Vendor to deliver or provide for transport the vehicle and documentation per the auction
  3. When that process is completed to buyer and seller agreement – funds are released to the Vendor

How do I know the buyer will pay me?

We take measures including screening all registered buyers for authenticity but also charging an Auction Joining Fee to use the site to help validate buyers.

TheCollectorGarage cannot however guarantee every buyer will complete every transaction and the contractual obligation they accept by bidding on the auction but we will help provide support to assist in trying to ensure every trade made via The Collector Garage site settles at the auction sale price within 7 days.

What happens if there are no bids above my reserve price?

If the auction lot fails to meet its reserve price, then the seller will be notified of the highest bid submitted during the auction. The Collector Garage will then try and assist the highest buyer and seller reach an agreement but otherwise the car is removed from the system and no sale will take place

Can I discuss a Vehicle with you without signing up?

Yes of course - If you have a vehicle to discuss please contact us now


How can I reduce some of the risks of buying at auction?

The two considerations are:

  1. Its your money, understand properly what you are buying
  2. Ensure payment is paired to physical delivery – using thecollectorgarage.com escrow payment process as necessary

In the simplest terms, you are the buyer, it’s your money, make sure you make every effort to understand including inspection of any car before bidding as at the end of the day, you are the one taking the risk.

Knowledge is the key and be informed before bidding. Read the Lot description in full because every car is different and the description and photos give you some insight into the specifications / details of the vehicle. Ask questions and we encourage you to Inspect the vehicle and engage with the Vendor.

Every vehicle is sold with no warranty and no cooling off period and in an “As Is, Where Is” condition.

Safer Payment

At the buyers discretion, you can use www.thecollectorgarage.com safer payment process - https://www.thecollectorgarage.com/pages/safe-payment-process. This system is designed to provide comfort to buyers who are remote from vehicles and want to ensure payment is not released until delivery has occurred – not title and risk for the vehicle, including any insurances required, transfers when funds are transferred.

Is inspection of the vehicle necessary?

Yes!!! We highly recommend that you inspect the vehicle by contacting the seller - there is also a comments section on the main website vehicle pages where you can ask a question on each item and answers will be posted by the vendors for all buyers to see. With consent from the owner, you can also arrange third part Pre Purchase Inspections and we can help direct you to companies such as NRMA who conduct these.

Can I test drive the vehicle?

That is by agreement between the vendor and the prospective buyer - make contact and arrange an inspection - vendors have no obligation to provide test drives to all possible buyers but genuine interest will encourage sellers to provide test drives where they feel comfortable about the inquiry

Should I get more information about the car before I bid?

Yes!! We do our best to review the vehicle descriptions supplied by the vendors and work with them to ensure good and bad points are covered in the descriptions but the seller is the only person responsible for the descriptions and you must make your own inquiries to establish you are comfortable with the accuracy of that description before placing any bid and acknowledge that cars are sold with no warranty or cooling off period and the cars are sold as is

What do I pay?

There are two payments required

  1. The Joining Fee - a AUD $1 joining fee is required for each item you wish to bid on - this is essentially a fee to ensure you buyers are validated with credit card details. The joining fee is charged on all buyers and not refunded if you are not a successful buyer
  2. The full amount of the final auction price has to be paid within 7 days to the seller directly. The entirety of the winning bid will be paid to the seller of the auction lot directly after the auction is closed - this is arranged directly between buyer and seller and due within 7 days from auction close or at the Buyers discretion via the Safer Payment escrow system where your payment is held in trust until delivery is made

How do I know whether the auction lot has a reserve price?

Unless being sold at ‘No Reserve’, all auction lots have a reserve.

Can other bidders 'snipe' at the end of an auction to outbid me?

Our platform prevents sniping by automatically adding more time. Any bid received within the last 2 minutes will automatically trigger an extra 2 minute to be added, this will happen whenever a bid is made in the last 2 minutes.

Can I withdraw a bid?

No. Once a bid has been placed, you cannot withdraw it. Bidding is a contractual obligation to buy at that price and pay the additional Buyers Premium. If you as the successful Buyer fail to complete the purchase of an auction for any reason other than the default of the Seller, you will be obliged to pay the Buyers Premium.

What happens at the end of the auction if I have won the bidding?

You will receive an invoice for payment which you can elect to pay diretcly to the vendor or via the www.TheCollectorGarage.com Safe Payment escrow account. TheCollectorGarage is not party to the actual settlement between buyer and seller other than facilitating payment via the escrow facility

What happens if the auction lot has some defects that were not mentioned in the auction listing?

Buyers take full responsibility for confirming the condition of the car before bidding beyond reading the descriptions provided on www.TheCollectorGarage. All used cars will have wear and tear and the older the car, the more likely it will have issues.

You will not be buying a new car, don’t expect it to be “as new” - even if that is how the seller has described the vehicle - all cars are sold as is, where is and bidders accept that as a condition of using the site

The Collector Garage hosts auction listings, but the seller is responsible for confirming the accuracy of the listing. As a bidder, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself of the details and condition of the auction lot before placing a bid.