Selling Process

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We are a community of enthusiasts and always keen to know vehicles are out there

  • We are specialising in 80’s, 90’s and 00’s vehicles we feel have collectable promise - we don't sell art, we don't sell mining equipment, we don't sell Hyundai's !
  • To us, manual normally aspirated cars will in future be considered collectable assets and valued on a global basis - read about UK ban on petrol and diesel cars from 2030
  • Should your vehicle meet our criteria, we'll agree a reserve price with you
  • We will work with you on best way to market and sell your car - every deal we would like to feel seller and buyer have had a great experience and a fair outcome and that needs realistic expectations on value - we endeavour to list cars with realistic vendors

We then manage the listing process and the auction  

  • Once we agree on vehicle and price expectations and agree a reserve, we work with you to collect all the data (such as vehicle details and servicer history) and media we need to maximise the potential of your listing.
  • We market cars nationally and internationally to attract the best price for your car - photographs and documentation are critical to achieving that outcome - we do offer a professional photo service for $250 where possible.
  • But the most important issue for us providing a fair and balance assessment of the vehicle - this trust needs to be displayed or we cannot showcase your vehicle.

Costs & Fees
TheCollectorGarage charges zero cost or fee for listing, preparing the vehicle details and website presentation and no fees for promotions and advertising of the listing.

TheCollectorGarage charges 5% of the sale price to a maximum of $1,000 as a success fee for a listing that sells.

    Selling Tips - Transparency
    Good deals are when buyer and seller are excited about the outcome - ensure all facts are fairly communicated and focus on good and bad aspects of your car

    Detail Matters
    Photos are not all that sells cars - we focus on the pedigree of the Year, Make and Model and do our best to highlight in the commentary the attributes that define collectability. All service and individual stories and facts about the car help add to the story and selling proposition

    Photos and Videos
    We will help advise on which photos work and how to photograph your vehicle to show it off best. Videos will help showcase your vehicle and should be provided if possible.
    We also offer a professional photography service for an all-inclusive $200 fee where available.

    Be honest
    Lets face it, all cars over a certain age have good and bad features and attributes - be humble and represent the car fairly and be a generous participant in our community.
    Your honesty reflects on our business and if we find misrepresentations, we will kick you off ever presenting cars on our platform
    Engage & be available
    Buyers will react more positively if you can present not only the car but the owner - by using the comments section of the listing you can engage with potential buyers and provide comfort not only on the car but on the seller which is critical

    Be prepared to help with transport
    Many buyers will be remote, being prepared to assist with meeting transport groups and allowing Pre-Purchase Inspections will help you present the car best and attract the most buyers

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