The Next Big Thing ? "It looks like nothing else on the road"

Magnus Walker covers one of our favourite Modern Classics

I owned one from new in 1999 - BMW brought a bunch of cars into Australia and wanted $127,000 new and given the limited audience who would buy a tiny 2 seat only car and with its polarising looks they couldn't sell them and I paid $99,000 for one with delivery miles. See plates at the time had the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo on them !


I sold after a couple of years and then more or less spent then last 10 years trying to buy one back. Along the way I bought a couple of Z4M in sympathy including one I did Great Ocean Road with - they are an exceptional car in my view and certainly a much better car than the M Coupe with that CSL S54 engine but they lack the unique craziness of the M Coupe.

so I puchased this Imola Red one recently and am currently just cleaning up with lots of servicing, renewing parts, refinsh wheels, new Michelin Cup Sport 4 etc - this is a before shot

So it was interesting to see Magnus Walker latest YouTube calling the BMW M Coupe the Next Big Thing - I think it has been that for at least last 10 years as prices bottomed in Australia around $30K and are really now $100K for anything original but glad to see the coverage and offshore prices have definitley moved a long way last 5 years so hopefully this attention keeps them moving higher -  definitely a Collector Garage fav.




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