Quattro re-sale

I owned a Quattro back in the late 80's in London - and think I sold it to buy a BMW 325i ... not a great move

A few years ago I started looking again to buy one and found this Guards Red example in Wales - I think I found it on www.carandclassic.co.uk and started the usual dialogue to work out if the owner was genuine etc. I think the following was a screen grab of his Facebook page which was about all I had to validate him

The guy could seriously hardly speak english and certainly things like internet banking had not made it to Wales so it was a pretty large leap of faith to send the guy some money and a truck to collect - GBP23,000 I believe

I remember it spent ages in UK ahead of shipping and when it finally arrived I went down to Botany and to my suprise it was more or less in one piece and as described - I recall it just started up,  there were hardly any brakes but I did drive it home on an unregistered permit. One cool thing was he had his name and his wifes in plastic letters on guards - he said they used it for social rallies !

Many months of paperwork and rear baby seat restratints being installed and I got it registered in NSW

I only sold it to Tim as I became frustrated with trying to find a work shop to look after it and the ongoing maintanance was becoming a pain. But it was laregly original, especially the paint so no regrets - It is super cool he has added the NSW rego plates that match the UK plates I purchased it with, UK cars often have the plate etched into the window glass - I sold it I recall for $66k to Tim and will be interesting guage of how far modern classic prices are moving when it goes to auction tonight on www.collectingcars.com



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