Interesting “5 From the Classifieds” - November 2021

As with all “collectable” items, be they cars or art or whatever, the first rule is buy something you like in any event. Then if the world comes to an end, you still own something that provides you with some kind of satisfaction and gratification.

So buy what what you like - don't buy a 911 if you don't like them but think they will be a good “investment” - buy the 924 if that is really what you like.

But enthusiast cars prices have been generally rising for a number of reasons post COVID probably including:

- Hard to get new cars and prices of those have gone up

- Who actually wants to own a new car, electric hybrid something or a Ford Ranger ?

- As these new cars are not cars as we know them, all existing cars with manuals or normally aspirated gasoline engines are now fixed in quantity and if demand grows, the price can only go up ?

- Money printing presses mean real assets have appreciated, art, house etc

- The Aspen holiday was canned

- Post COVID life reassessed - doing things you always wanted to but hadn’t to date because you were too busy getting to the office

So given that, here are some ideas which in the first instance we think are cool and secondly look interesting as potential collectable cars with values that may well increase in future:

Alfa Romeo GTV (Type 916) 1993-2006

Rare to see one on the road these days but as time has passed, they have grown on me and with the very best V6 trading around $20,000 they seem a bargain. The V6 is all about sound but they were a bit heavy so maybe twin-spark 2 litre is also a good option.  As they say, you are not a true enthusiast unless you have owned an Alfa Romeo and these look great to us. There are two currently on Gumtree in Tassia:

BMW M3 (E36)

BMW M3 needs no introduction but everything after the V8 E90 just seems a technology overkill and no doubt amazing to drive but now removed from a true enthusiast car - maybe M2 are the new M3 but for us, the earlier M3 are the modern classic car of choice. But in our mind the pic is the E36 straight six, they are definitely moving, a year or so ago they were sub $30K but now mostly pushing over $50K - get them while you can, especially in manual and preferably in Dakar Yellow !

Peugeot 406 Coupe 1995-2004

Styled by Pinninfarina, these are simply a junior Ferrari 456 for pocket change these days - I was lucky enough to own a V6 Manual back in the day with a modified induction system that sounded amazing and looked better. They were common in the classifieds but increasingly hard to find, especially the earlier ones with the better looking wheels. The manual is definitely preferable over the auto but in any case for the money, they are a steal.This one is on CarSales @ $5,000 - great history and interior but we would probably hold out for a manual.

Mercedes AMG CLK 55 1997-2003 (C208)

Not short of about $220,000 when new, these cars were recently as low as sub $20,000 - I bought one. For that money you get a ridiculously amazing engine and exhaust sound and a body that feels like it was cast from granite. Lets face it, these cars were aimed at 911 buyers with similar performance but wanted comfort to go with the go. Outstanding cars and when you consider the discount they trade to like for like BM M3’s or M Coupe of the period, they are a stand out bargain. Hard to come by these days but this one on Gumtree while looks reasonably clean and is still silly cheap @ $25,500 offer.

Lancia Beta 1972-1984

Available as a HPE “High Performance Estate”, Coupe and weird Cabriolet, the Beta was a stylish car with rally credentials and now offer amazing value sub $30,000 for the best one you can find. Owned by mostly eccentric enthusiasts so hard to buy but this kind of style does not come cheaper. This one is now sold but in seemingly amazing condition and offered at $20,500 - amazing value.

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