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In 1989 I visited UK and was able to hire a 205Gti 1.9 - I had a TwinCam Corolla at the time which was about as progressive as you got in Australia, I cant recall the Holden or Ford offerings at the time but for sure they would have been rear wheel drive, maybe a gemini or TX3 ? - The Corolla I might add is the only Japanese car I have ever owned

In any event, the Pug was revelation and I still recall the real power and how punchy it was, yet still very stable. I drove it to Cambridge on the Awhateve and remember doing 100mph for the first time

The price these cars is like all the good 80's and 90's unique cars has been appreciating and given they are so different to what is being produced these days, it is hard to see this changing going forward - a recent example sold in the UK for instance @ GBP17,250 or about AUD $32,000

 TheCollectorGarage is super happy to be showing a live auction for a late model 1.9GTi currently - in the early 80's as this hot hatch thing attracted more competitors, Puegeot had to up its game and introduced the 1.9 along side rather than replacing the 1.6 - the 1.9 was distinct with those larger wheels that look amazing still today

The 1.9 in the auction is a very well sorted car, very clean and straight with tonnes of money invested in mainitaining and preserving and sympathetic upgrades which result in a very usable driver or show car as it is. 

Bidding now live at

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