Best of the Classifieds

Classifieds d'Elegance is how we justify our hours and hours of scolling through web sites looking for interesting cars 

When I was living in the US I owned this blue TransAm but sold it as the paint had been done, the owner didn't tell me and I have a rule "its only original once" and always try and find original paint cars

I then discovered Plymouth Cuda's, they are very popular in the 1970 model as it has a pre-smog bigger engine but I like the '74 as they have Ferrari tail lights !

But I looked at a couple of GTO along the way - an iconic car as was essentially a factory spec for street racing, event that advertising at the time was about street racing !

On the weekend I saw the following advert on FB Marektplace - I assume it is a spoof as price is just too cheap - but you never know

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